Haz-Mat Training
By Captain Pat Hawkins
November 7, 2021

This morning members of our Hazardous Materials Team spent time in Level A suits completing multiple physical tasks designed to work on dexterity and confidence. Level A suits are our highest level of protection for the worst-case hazardous materials situations. Special thanks to our team members for spending their Sunday morning advancing their skills through training.
Our Hazmat team is comprised entirely of volunteers and is the only volunteer team in the state. Our team is comprised of Hazardous Materials Technicians, Hazmat Operations personnel and also have multiple members who are Highway Emergency Response Specialists, Tank Car Specialists, and Nuclear/Radiological Specialists, all of which were earned at training facilities across the country.
We are always seeking additional volunteers to work downrange at hazmat calls after training, in the office on scenes doing research, helping to get the equipment ready, helping members dress out, or doing record keeping. If you’re interested in helping, we can find a job for you. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer on our team, please send this page a direct message or stop by the station for an application.