Joint Training for HVWFD & HVAS
By Member Phil Tretton
August 8, 2017

For Tuesday night training, members from the Hope Valley-Wyoming Fire District and Hope Valley Ambulance Squad participated in team building events as well as a ropes course. As there are many new faces in both organizations, the team building events were a good "meet and greet" for new and old members alike. The ropes course challenged members mentally and physically, while improving confidence in themselves. Participants had the option of climbing a rock wall or an obstacle tower to get on the high ropes. From there they could jump on the 400 ft zip line from the 50 ft tower, or navigate several high rope obstacles. Getting these two groups together for a low stress and fun training will improve on scene operations when lives are on the line. We would like to thank the Boy Scouts of America for their assistance in running the course, The Hope Valley Ambulance Squad for participating with us and Captain Vuono for making the training possible.